gemstone recommendation for Career

Gemstone represents a particular planet, and wearing the planet's gemstone will attract positive vibes and enhance the planet's effects in your life.
see your birth chart if lord of fifth house placed in 1st,2nd,4th,5th,7th,9th,10th or 11th then you can wear gemstone of lord of fifth house  if lord of fifth house is
 Sun  Surya  then wear  Ruby

Moon  Chandra  - Pearl

Mars   Mangal  - Red Coral

Mercury   Buddha  -  Emerald

Jupiter  Guru  -  Yellow Sapphire

Venus  Shukra -  Diamond (Clear Zircon)

Saturn Shani -  Blue Sapphire/Amethyst/Lapis

fifth house is important and wearing it's gemstone will enhance your mind and knowledge it also take care of your child 

my wife is cheating what should i do

this problem is normal if lord of seventh house is week and combine with malefic planet
and in your birth chart Mars (Mangal) combine with Venus (Shukra) see this sexual enjoyment in Astrology
and Sexual Passions solutions to Male Vigor & vitalitysolution is you have to give power to lord of seventh house by putting gemstone of lord of seventh house and put 15 carrot Indian coral in ring finger.Second give yellow Yellow Sapphire to your wife to wear in index one week your wife stop cheating you.

Narendra Modi CM To PM-2014

Narendra Damodardas Modi was born on 17 September 1950 to a family of grocers in Vadnagar in Mehsana district of what was then Bombay State (present-day Gujarat), India.He was the third of six children born to Damodardas Mulchand Modi and his wife, Heeraben.While a teenager, Modi ran a tea stall with his brother around a bus terminus.He completed his schooling in Vadnagar, where a teacher describes him as being an average student but a keen debater.
Narendra Damodardas Modi born 17 September 1950 is the 14th and current Chief Minister of Gujarat, a state in western India. Modi was a key strategist for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the successful 1995 and 1998 Gujarat state election campaigns. He first became chief minister of Gujarat in October 2001, being promoted to the office upon the resignation of his predecessor, Keshubhai Patel, following the defeat of BJP in by-elections. In July 2007, he became the longest-serving Chief Minister in Gujarat's history when he had been in power for 2,063 days continuously. Under his leadership, the Bharatiya Janata Party won the 2012 State Assembly Elections and he was chosen to serve for a fourth term as chief minister
             Horoscope of Narendra Modi Waiting PM of India
                                              Yoga In Horoscope Of Narendra Modi

1) Gudhabhavarthavit Yoga (Rahu is placed in the 5th house)
The person will be an expert in understanding the inner meaning of things (a diplomat).  

2) Kulapamshala Yoga (Benefics and malefics are placed in Kendras, Lagna lord without an aspect from Moon )
The person will live in a distant land, be discarded by his/her family, vulnerable to poverty and the loss of wife and children. 

3) Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga (Mars in Kendra, exalted or in own sign).
This person is good looking and handsome, with a prominent face, beautiful eyebrows, dark hair and clear, somewhat darkish complexion. The waist is slim and so are the lower limbs.  The person is bold and courageous, full of strength and vigor, and eager to pursue adventurous activities wherefrom name and fame is gained. The person is, of royal bearing and ever intent on combat, the commander of an army or leader of a gang of thiefs and annihilator of opponents. The person has great capacity for discrimination and is devoted to elders, preceptors. The person is well versed in sacred scriptures and lives happily upto the age of 70. The death will come in the vicinity of a temple.
4) Uttamadi (Dhana) Yoga (Moon is in a Apoklima (3,6,9,12) from Sun)
The person's wealth, learning, efficiency and fame will be (uttama) plenteous.

Reference - Bhavartha Ratnakara , Sambu Hora Prakasha , Parasher Hora  

How To resolve conflict with your partner by Astrology

How To resolve conflict from your partner by Astrology
In Vedic Astrology seventh house of your birth chart represent your partner if seventh house or Lord of seventh house is infected by Saturn (Shani),Rahu,Ketu,Sun (Surya),Mars (Mangal) then conflict with your partner is common thing in your life; when you know this the this is your duty to resolve your conflict. don't race the topic which is cause of conflict with your partner. you use astrology for resolving conflict- fist see your birth chart see your lord of seventh house take example of above birth chart as you are seeing in seventh house 11 is written which means lord of seventh house is Saturn because 10 and 11 denotes Saturn so if we increase the power of Saturn then our seventh house became powerful and our all conflict whit partner starts resolving automatically.
for increasing power of Saturn you have to wear Blue Sapphire or Amethyst or Lapis in your middle finger.
so for resolving conflict with your partner you and your partner have to wear gemstone of lord of seventh house.

How to choose the right Engineering Branch through Astrology

1) Computer Science & Engineering - If Lorde of 10th house is Venus (Shukra) and  Mercury (Buddha) is placed in 10th house then you will a number one Computer or IT Engineer.

2) Electrical & Electronics - If Lorde of 10th house is  Sun (Surya) and  Mars (Mangal) is placed in 10th house then you will be get great success in Electrical & Electronics Branch.

3) Mechanical & production Engineering - If Lorde of 10th house is Saturn (Shani) and Saturn (Shani) placed in 11th house &  Mercury (Buddha) also placed in Kandra(1st,4th,7th.10) then you will be get great success in Mechanical & production Engineering.

4) Civil Engineering - For Civil Engineers Rahu,Saturn,Mercury (Buddha) is Very important if these planets are powerful in your birth chart and Rahu placed in 10th house then you will get great success in this branch.
     .Rahu is the planet, which gives manipulative abilities coupled with innovative ideas. The positive and constructive manipulative and innovative ideas are the main attributes for successful Engineers to plan their new projects and infrastructure for the well-being and convenience of the mankind as a whole.
.The Saturn is the natural significant of employment in a nativity. The strength and good placement of Saturn is, therefore, one of most important factors for success and smoothness in professional matters. The correlation between Mars and any fiery signs in Lagna Charte provide necessary impetus for engineering studies.
.Mercury takes one to Information Technology (IT) trade, Aeronautical engineering, etc. whereas Rahu groom one as Software Engineer. Mercury is a planet of mental ability and Information Technology requires constant application of mind.
.Mars is a fiery planet, which represents energy and force, while Saturn signifies application of labour force. Mathematics and mental abilities are the integral parts of Engineering studies and Mercury provides those abilities. Venus is the planet of Planning and Designing. A person involved in the filed of Engineering, especially an Architectural Engineer require the skill of planning and designing to give shape to his project.
Then best of luck and go ahead.

How to choose the right Profession through Astrology

How to choose the right Career through Astrology ?
 Ans - The profession of the native would generally be that indicated by planet owning Navamsa occupied by lord of 10th from Ascendant Moon or Sun whichever be strongest. The native would gain wealth, land, comforts and fame, if planets placed in 10th, Ascendant and 2nd house be benefices and endowed with shad-varga strength.profession prescribed for the ruler of Navamsa occupied by planet owning 10th place from Ascendant, Sun or Moon. If such lord is Sun, the native would earn his livelihood by dealing in gold, medicine etc. If the Navamsa belongs to Moon, the livelihood would be by taking up agricultural pursuits, dealing in food materials and things taken out from water (pearls, Ash, etc.).
If Mars be the lord of Navamsa, the native would earn his living by doing violent acts. He may be in the police or army or be a surgeon or a butcher. If Mercury rules the Navamsa, the live.i hood would be earned by working as a writer, poet, orator or as an artist. If the lord of Navamsa be Jupiter the natives means of earning would be by engaging in religious acts. If Venus be the ruler of Navamsa, the money would be earned through sale or purchase of jewellery or through women and beautiful objects. If Saturn be the lord of Navamsa the .native would earn his livelihood by undesirable means.
occupation of the native may be judged from the planet occupying 10th house with adequate strength or the planet with similar strength aspects 10th house. Again, Navamsa of 10th house from Ascendant, Moon or Sun, whichever the strongest, would indicate the profession. If Moon be stronger than Ascendant the profession indicated for Moon should be predicted that is the native would acquire wealth through his skill in the use of language, by trading, by proficiency in various arts etc
The Sun indicates government service, trees, timber, chanting of hymns, gambling, wool, medicine, metalwork, gold, father, kings, fire arms, fire, poisons, and forests. The Sun denotes employment in the State Service, administration or management. It indicates people having much authority and power. The Sun denotes government officials, kings and administrators. One may be in a government service, or in the sen-rice of a noble man or king.The Sun indicates medicine, medical profession, trading in wool, grass, corn, gold, pearls, and the profession of a messenger. The Sun indicates profession of father (caretaker) also. The Sun is a fiery planet. If it is connected with Mars, and Ketu, the profession may be related to fire arms, electricity, radio engineering etc.Some of the professions related to Sun in combination with other planets is given below:
Sun-Venus: dying, use of weapons, transport, women's hospital
Sun-Moon: mechanic, sculptor, Manufacture of various instruments, and machines, one working on stone.
Sun-Saturn: expert in metals, minerals and the manufacture of vessels, geology, coal, mines, dentist.
Sun-Mercury: clever, expert, intelligent, happy, engineer, mathematician, inspector, astrologer.
Sun-Mars: police, military, factory, able surgeon, mechanical engineer a great officer, factory manager
Sun-Jupiter: cruel, doing others jobs, a teacher, judge, good physician, magistrate, bank agent, principal.

Relation Between Planet and Their Gems or Planet Stone

You all science Student knows that wavelength that planets radiate is infrared ....ohhh... i want to tell about wavelength fist wavelength, distance between corresponding points of two consecutive waves. “Corresponding points” refers to two points or particles in the same phase—i.e., points that have completed identical fractions of their periodic motion. Usually, in transverse waves (waves with points oscillating at right angles to the direction of their advance), wavelength is measured from crest to crest or from trough to trough; in longitudinal waves (waves with points vibrating in the same direction as their advance), it is measured from compression to compression or from rarefaction to rarefaction. Wavelength is usually denoted by the Greek letter lambda (λ); it is equal to the speed (v) of a wave train in a medium divided by its frequency (f): λ = v/f.

and all crystal have their wavelength as-When a crystal is bombarded with X-rays of a fixed wavelength (similar to spacing of the atomic-scale crystal lattice planes) and at certain incident angles, intense reflected X-rays are produced when the wavelengths of the scattered X-rays interfere constructively. In order for the waves to interfere constructively, the differences in the travel path must be equal to integer multiples of the wavelength. When this constructive interference occurs, a diffracted beam of X-rays will leave the crystal at an angle equal to that of the incident beam.
The general relationship between the wavelength of the incident X-rays, angle of incidence and spacing between the crystal lattice planes of atoms is known as Bragg's Law, expressed as:
n λ = 2d sinΘ
where n (an integer) is the "order" of reflection, λ is the wavelength of the incident X-rays, d is the inter planar spacing of the crystal and Θ is the angle of incidence.
        Wave Length of Planet     Wave Length of Gems Stone          

Sun (Surya)
Moon (Chandra)
Mars (Mangal)
Red Coral
Mercury (Buddha)
Jupiter (Guru)
Yellow Sapphire
Venus (Shukra)
Diamond (Clear Zircon)
Saturn (Shani)
Blue Sapphire/Amethyst/Lapis
Gomedha (Golden Hessonite Garnet)
s Eye (Chrysoberyl)'Cat

as you can see Gem Stone have their positive wave length and they neutralist negative wave length that is coming from planet