The South Indian Style Chart

The South Indian style chart Whereas the North Indian chart has a fixed house order, the South Indian format has a fixed sign order. The sign of Aries always falls on the second left box on the top of the chart. The house box that the Ascendant sign occupies becomes the First house with the remaining houses following in a clockwise direction. Commonly, the First house is marked with a diagonal line or with 'As' mark. Some astrologers choose to mark the houses with numbers, as opposed to the North Indian style, in which the numbers represent the signs.The basic Vedic astrology chart will show the placement of the Grahas in the 12 bhavas, and the alignment of the 12 Rashis with those 12 bhavas. From this very simple and profound schematic representation of the solar system at the time of birth springs forth a great number of calculations and considerations. Those, in turn, spin off a very elaborate web of interactions and relationships formed by the numerous significations of the Grahas, Bhavas and Rashis. Through this process, Jyotish is capable of expressing a rich range of human experiences, including contradictions of all sorts, and thereby doing full justice to the diverse and subtle aspects of life.