Kaal Sarpa Dosha

Kalsarp yoga
Kalsarp yoga i.e. all the seven planets between Rahu and Ketu axis, is also mentioned troublesome for one’s life as equivalent to Manglik dosha. It may create health and wealth problems in life and increase one’s anxieties. We have to see the actual position of other planets too and especially their placements, aspects and combinations with planet Rahu in the houses/signs of one’s birth chart. It is also cancellable in several cases. If it is cancelled, there would be no problem. Hence one should not be scared of it.
Remember kal sarp yog is not part of vedic astrology, its new born yoga in Mugal Period.
it gives good result if rahu is in 11th,3rd and 6th house.
it gives good result if Malavaya Yoga formed in birth chart.
it gives bad result only if When 1) Rahu and Moon are conjunct in Lagna,2)When Lagna is Aries, Scorpio, Cancer or the Sagittarius sign and Mars & Jupiter are conjunct in Lagna, whereas Rahu is placed in the fifth house conjunct with Mars,3)When Jupiter is conjunct with Rahu,4)When in Kaalsarp Yog Rahu is conjunct with Venus,5)the Sun or the Moon is conjunct with Rahu,6)Rahu is conjunct with Shani,7)Moon and Rahu are conjunct in Lagna,8)Rahu and Mars are placed sixth-eighth to each other.

many astrologer tell 12 type of Kaalsarp Yog but its not true doesn't have to fear anything because certain planetary positions may have rendered it ineffective or made it nullified.

Remedies For Kaal sarp yog:
1.Perform Rudrabhishek with rudraastadhi.
2.Perform Kanya Daan for a Brahmin Kanya.
3.help daily pure Brahmin in any way.